Saturday, March 16, 2013

Our Current Situation

I promised readers that I wouldn't discuss personal problems on Sarah's Scandals.

Unfortunately, hubby and I are still having a difficult time. This past week is the first week since sometime in January that we haven't had at least two doctors' appointments per week. Added to that, we are having problems with our home. Some of you will remember that we were having trouble with our heating system. With the help of friends and neighbors, we were able to patch the heating system to get us through the remainder of the cold weather. It still gets on the cool side in here on cold nights but not as bone chilling as what we were dealing with before. We do really need to get more permanent repairs made before next winter, though.

If the heating problems weren't enough, hubby discovered that the floors in both of our bathrooms are weak and one has a hole in it. We live in an area where there are rattlesnakes so we need to get the floor fixed before the weather warms up. The hole in the floor was caused by a leaky toilet, so we are in need of a new toilet. I checked Lowe's and the least expensive one is $88.00 which we just don't have. We also need plywood to repair the floor. A neighbor is willing to do the work for us when we are able to get the supplies so at least we don't have to hire anyone.

Another problem that we are going to have to deal with soon is getting our yard mowed this summer. We have a large yard and hubby's riding mower broke the last time he mowed last fall. It needs to be repaired or replaced. We have a push mower but neither of us is physically capable of using it and we can't afford to hire anyone to mow for us.

We also have to get tires for our car before August. Safety inspection is required yearly here and when we had it inspected last August, the man at the service station told us the tires wouldn't pass next time. Not being able to drive our car would be a huge problem for us because of the medical appointments we have every month. A new set of tires would cost around $300.00 but we could get by with used as long as they have enough tread to pass the inspection.

Adding to everything else, Hubby had to change insurance plans this month because the one he had doesn't cover most of his medications. After his surgery, the doctors changed almost all of his prescriptions. We were able to find a plan that covers everything he is taking but the premium is much higher than what he was paying. I'm not sure how we are going to handle the added cost regularly. I was able to borrow from a relative to pay the first premium and we're praying that we can find a way to continue because he needs his medicines. They are more expensive but they work much better than the ones he was taking. His insulin, blood pressure and cholesterol medications were all changed and his numbers are much improved.

We did have a bright spot last week. Hubby finally had the growth on his nose removed on March 7th. We haven't gotten the results of the biopsy yet but the doctor said that he was fairly certain that hubby wouldn't need any further surgery or treatment on it. That was the best news we have had lately.

The fact is that we just don't have any money left to buy the things that we need to fix our house and car. We struggle to pay our bills and buy gas to go to our appointments. I am not asking for donations but if we could sell some of our pens, that would be a huge help. It's really the only hope we have of getting the things we need. We don't really have anything to sell. My computer wouldn't bring much because it's nearly four years old and we do things online that save us money so selling it would cost us more than it would help in the long run.

Our son is having a lot of problems himself now and isn't able to help us so selling pens is the only hope we have.

You can see our pens at: or by clicking the hubby's handcrafted ink pens tab at the top of this page.

If you don't see a pen that you like, we may be able to customize one for you. Just email us at, describe what you would like and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Any help is always greatly appreciated. I know that it seems like I am begging but I am just desperate and I apologize if this annoys anyone.


Friday, November 30, 2012

Bad News and Need Help If Possible...

Hubby has been feeling under the weather for awhile as I mentioned in the previous post. Yesterday, he was in so much pain that I finally persuaded him to go to the E.R. He was also coughing almost non-stop. He said that the coughing was because of post-nasal drip.

He thought that pain which he was having in his upper back was coming from an inflamed pancreas, which he had had problems with before. The doctors took some x-rays and found that he has a crushed vertebrae which has caused scoliosis of his spine and that is what is causing the pain. He already had a back injury which totally disabled him but that injury was to his lower back. The doctors also said that he might be having some heart problems. He hasn't had a heart attack but his EKG was abnormal and his oxygen level was low. He is going to have to go for tests to see if he is going into heart failure.

These tests will require travel and we are already broke for the month. We also had to let some bills go due to banking problems. I went into details about the banking issues in a post at my other blog. You can read the details at the following link.

We really need to raise money because these doctor visits are in addition to several others already scheduled for both of us. We can't cancel the other appointments because all of them are urgent. Our son isn't able to help us financially but he is going to visit so he can drive us to appointments if we have the money for gas and he can send out any pen orders. Just coming up here is a big burden on him as he is having money issues, too. We would like to at least be able to buy groceries to feed him and his family.

Any pens sold will help us more than you can ever know. You can visit our pen website by clicking the following link:

or by clicking the hubby's tab at the top of the page.

You can email me at:

If you wish to donate (I would rather you buy a pen, though) you can do so using the donate button on :

With sincere gratitude for pen purchases, donations, prayers, good thoughts, etc.


P.S. Just as I posted this, we got a phone call from the hospital. One of the tests they did showed that he has an infection in his lungs and they said he needs to go get a prescription for antibiotics. Things just keep getting worse. I am really worried because he means everything to me.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Welcome, Friends!

As promised, I have started this blog separate from Sarah's Scandals. On this blog, I will update those who are interested about my personal situation and promote the website on which we sell the handcrafted inkpens that my husband creates.

I ask those who visit here to please be civil.

Thanksgiving Day was difficult for us. Hubby hasn't been feeling well and he was sick all of last night. He has been having a lot of problems with his blood sugar levels. He ate very sensibly yesterday but his blood sugar was low last night and he had to eat enough carbs to bring it up. After he ate his level went way too high which caused him to have pain from his pancreas and nausea. This morning his level was still over 300.

He was awake all night and I finally went to sleep about 5am. He was in so much pain that I wanted to call the paramedics but he didn't want to be taken to the hospital because he was worried about leaving me alone. His pain finally eased this morning and he was able to go to bed.

He needs to go to his doctor but we don't have the money for the trip because the doctor who treats his Diabetes is located 130 miles from where we live. He is on a waiting list for an appointment with a doctor closer to home but we were told it could take as long as 3 months for an opening because there is a doctor shortage in our area.

He has an appointment in December related to the skin cancer on his nose. We don't know if he will have it removed with a laser or if he will need more invasive surgery. He has to have another biopsy to see how deep the cancer has invaded.

We are still dealing with the repercussions of being overdrawn at the bank. Hubby's pension will be deposited Monday and we have to decide which bills we can skip so that we don't incur more overdraft fees. I don't like getting behind on bills because it is very hard to get caught up.

In January, we have to start paying our property taxes. We have to pay in installments because we don't have enough income to pay all at once. It will take us 4 months to pay the taxes and I am worried that we may not be able to catch all the other bills up before warmer weather which could result in our electricity being cut off.

I don't know how we will swing getting to all of our medical appointments, paying taxes and trying to catch up any bills that we get behind on.

Selling pens is really our only hope of getting the extra cash we need. Despite the comments made at by posters about students selling the same pens for $2 to $4, Hubby's pens are worth the price we ask. They are probably worth even more since we don't charge for shipping and handling.

I was able to learn the identity of the people who made those remarks about the pens because they used a real email address which blogger displays to blog owners. I won't share their names but they are teachers in Pennsylvania. I have always supported and admired teachers and I have to admit that their comments hurt. I don't know why they felt the need to attack me. I think they may be telling the truth when they say that the school makes a 50 % profit on the pens made by the students but I think that the materials used to make those pens are donated. Penn State Industries, located in Pennsylvania, could very well be donating the supplies to the school system as a tax write off. They could sell their pens at a higher price but then they probably wouldn't sell as large a volume. Hubby's is no competition to them so their attack had to be personal. They mention someone who cheated them in Greece. I assure anyone reading this that I was not that person. I have never been to Greece or any country outside of the United States.

Hubby has to buy his supplies and equipment to make the pens, except for the stuff that our son sends. There is also the cost of operating the equipment and PayPal gets their cut. I think that the pens are fairly priced considering that they are unique works of art.

I am asking those who read this to please consider buying pens for gifts or personal use or at least share our link with others who might be interested. Hubby and I would be truly grateful for the support.

I am going to post pictures of a few pens here. I know the quality of the pictures on the website isn't great. I hate that they can't be enlarged but the yola site is free. Also, our camera isn't the best and neither hubby or I is a great photographer.

The site again is:

We thank you for your consideration.

Please visit our website for the prices of these pens and to view our other items.

Email me at:

Thanks for all the past support from generous readers of Sarah's Scandals at